Go Bible JMNT (Jonathan Mitchell New Testament)

Kalau Anda menyukai Bible versi AMPLIFIED, Anda akan menyukai versi ‘SUPER AMPLIFIED’ dari Jonathan Mitchell ini.

John 1:1 Within a beginning there was The Word (The Thought; The Collection of Thoughts; The Idea; The Reason; The Discourse; The Communication; The Verbal Expression). And the Word (the thought; the expression) was (and continued being) facing, directed and moving toward (or: with) God. And the Word (the thought; the idea; the reason; the expression) continued being God. [or: Originally the Word was existing and continued to be, and the Word was being projected toward God. And the Word, It was existing being God (idiomatically: And the Word was just what God was; And the Expression was an extension of Deity).]

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