Go Bible versi 2.4.0 TERBARU!!!

Versi terbaru 2.4.0 semua Alkitab+Devotional Go Bible dapat di-download di sini.

Apa saja perubahannya? (baca sendiri di bawah, copy paste). Penyempurnaan word-wrap, sekarang tidak ada lagi huruf yang hilang pada kata yang panjang khususnya pada hp berlayar kecil. “Search results” lebih nyaman karena kembali ke posisi ayat yang terakhir kita buka, bukan ayat paling atas, plus informasi jumlah ayat yang ditemukan. “Bookmark” ada tambahan fasilitas “Delete All”. Dll.

 - A verse with less than two characters of text (including an empty one) now displays correctly.
   i.e. Its verse number no longer gets overwritten by the one for the next verse.
   Note: An empty verse results when a USFM file contains a verse that is nothing but a footnote.
   Example: Luke 17:36 and Acts 15:34 in the World English Bible.
 - Words wider than the phone display width no longer lose a character at the word-wrap position.
 - Minor improvement to word-wrap algorithm to avoid orphaned verse number for text with a leading blank.
 - Search no longer fails to find the search term in the last verse of a collection (e.g. Rev 22:21).

 - Search term matching is now restricted to within individual verses.
 - Search Results now displays the number of results found.
 - The search algorithm has been enhanced to overlook the red letter code (0x01).
   In displayed Search Results, each red letter code in the found verse is replaced with a space.
   There is no change to the Go Bible data, but only to the displayed Search Results.
 - Extended the set of UTF-8 codepoints used as word separators.
 - Added support to display UTF-8 codepoints beyond U+FFFF (providing the phone firmware has font coverage).
   This enhancement does not yet implement entering search terms containing codes beyond U+FFFF.
 - Bookmarks enhanced to include a Delete All option (could be further improved by adding extra UI item).
 - Send MMS option has been disabled. This does not affect Send SMS.
   This is a temporary expedient for a program feature that did not work.
   It is intended that this will be fixed in a future release.
 - Added some rudimentary support for touch screen phones. This feature is still experimental.
   For phones without a virtual keypad, this provides for vertical scrolling using swipe actions.
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