Jonathan Mitchell New Testament untuk e-Sword

Kalau Anda menyukai Bible versi AMPLIFIED, Anda akan menyukai versi ‘SUPER AMPLIFIED’ dari Jonathan Mitchell ini.

John 3:16 “For thus God loves the world (the universe; the ordered arrangement; the organized system), so that He gives His uniquely-born (with other MSS: the only-begotten) Son, to the end that all (everyone) – the one habitually believing and trusting into Him – may not lose or destroy themselves, but rather may continuously have (habitually hold) eonian life (age-durative life with qualities derived from the Age). [note: I have here given the “fact” sense of the aorist tense of the verbs “love” and “give” rather than the simple past tense. The statement by Jesus is a “timeless” fact of God; it signifies that the object of His love and His gift, (the cosmos; the universe; the world of men and created beings), is in view as a whole, and both the love and the gift are presented as fact, as one complete whole (punctiliar) which exists apart from any sense of time, i.e., from the realm of the “eternal,” or, “the Being of God”]

Download modul e-Sword-nya di sini. Di situ tersedia juga modul Bible versi Rotherham, CLV, RYLT, Wuest, JB Phillips, Lamsa, dll.


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